Food for healthier skin

healthy skin

I always believe that whatever you choose to eat will determine how healthy your skin will look. You all probably already know that too much oily and junk food is a guaranteed way to bad skin. Fret not, here are some options which you can consider for the sake of your beautiful skin:

Fish and poultry

Research shows that zinc allows vitamin A to be absorbed easier into our body, and vitamin A is the key to healthy skin! Fish and poultry are generally rich in zinc, so eating more of those will lead you down the road to great skin in no time!


I know many people who hate carrots, but I did mention above that vitamin A is essential when it comes to healthy skin.  Carrots happen to be a great source of vitamin A, so please don’t be picky over food and start chomping on those carrots today. Alternatively, try drinking carrot juice instead of ordering iced milo next time!

Orange and tomato

These orange colored fruits are great when it comes to seeking for vitamin C intake. Sufficient vitamin C in your body ensures that your cell walls are strong, and prevents excessive scarring in the event that you have an unfortunate acne outbreak.


If you are not on a low fat diet, I would recommend eating eggs for vitamin E. It is an important antioxidant which can effectively heal your skin from acne scars.

Food for healthier skin
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Published on: March 10, 2015, author: admin