The Science Behind Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer – the latest craze to hit the aesthetic medicine market over the past few months, has been touted to be a ‘game changer’. Why is that so?

Before we get into that, we need to understand what Rejuran Healer is and what it claims it can achieve. Let’s dive in.

Baby-like Skin After Using Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer claims that it is able to rejuvenate skin while being minimally invasive by deriving its treatment mechanisms from salmon DNA. After obtaining salmon DNA extract, polynucleotides (PN) are isolated through the use of chemical processes. To be more specific, it is polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN) which area subtype of PN that is being isolated.

The reason PDRN is being sourced for it is that it is biochemically similar to our DNA, and because it is biochemically similar to our DNA, it is able to encourage bioregenerative processes in our skin.

Regenerative Properties of Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer, when introduced to the skin, has been shown to have regenerative effects on the skin.

Though there is not much empirical evidence at the moment (due to Rejuran Healer being quite ‘young’), results have still been promising. There was a study done in March 2010 where salmon DNA obtained from salmon milt had been applied to the human skin. Astonishingly, it was found that there were significant improvements to the skin in terms of texture, hydration and elasticity – all from the mere application!

DNA Polymer

As Rejuran Healer derives its treatment process from salmon DNA, it is thus able to encourage wound healing and induce anti-inflammatory effects within the skin by increasing microcirculation and stimulating growth factors.

Now that we have substantively gone behind the science of Rejuran Healer, let us now explore the reasons behind its popularity.

Non-Invasive and Safe

Providing benefits is one thing, but promising safety and minimal risk are another. Rejuran Healer is touted as a ‘game changer’ because of its non-invasive efficacious treatment process as well as its safety.

Due to the extracted PDRN being biochemically similar to human DNA, Rejuran Healer is very safe and compatible with the human body. Rejuran Healer is very unlikely to cause any severe adverse side effect. Additionally, the PDRN is free of any other proteins that can cause an allergic reaction as it goes through a purification process.

Additionally, although needles are used, they are microneedles. This is so that the application of the PDRN is more comprehensive, giving you the best results.

Side Effects

No medical procedure is without its risks. However, you can be assured that Rejuran Healer has minimal side effects and downtime, further asserting its ability.

Immediately after the treatment, some bumps will be noticed on the skin. These usually take about a few hours to fade. Swelling and bruising might occur too.

It is vital that you disclose to your aesthetic physician if you have undergone or are currently undergoing any kind of medical treatments (whether aesthetic or not in nature). This is so that he can use his expertise to determine if the treatments you are undergoing will have any undesired interactions with Rejuran Healer.


To summarise, Rejuran Healer is a rather new and promising treatment that has exploded in popularity in Asian countries in the past few months. Results have shown that undergoing the treatment promises a substantial rejuvenation of the skin with minimal consequences and invasiveness.

Though using salmon DNA is a novel treatment in aesthetic medicine, it has already been shown to have useful applications in the treatment of diabetes prior.

If you would like to undergo the Rejuran Healer treatment, consult your doctor today!

The Science Behind Rejuran Healer
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How to Stop Hair Loss (Male Pattern Hair Loss)

How to Stop Hair Loss for Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Hair Loss Remedies for Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is an extremely common health issue faced by many. Unlike female hair loss over 95% of men’s hair loss is due to androgenetic alopecia. Symptoms include a receding frontal hairline, increased hair shedding and a slow onset of hair loss. How to stop hair loss then?

Young man hair loss example

Some would say that hair loss is such a trivial matter to be concerned over, compared to the wealth of other diseases present that you could potentially contract. That’s not true. Significant hair loss affects over 85% of men over the age of 50. 85%! That means that over 572,050 men in Singapore could potentially be feeling insecure about their appearance or even resigned themselves to a fate of not having beautiful hair. Many are already seeking medical help on how to stop hair loss as they age.

Men hair loss progression

Additionally, androgenetic alopecia has been known to lead to increased risks of suicide and psychological distress. Aside from that, medical hair treatment centers have reported an increase in males seeking hair loss cure from 2011-2017! This shows without a doubt that men treasure their hair, and seeking out genuine hair loss remedies to improve their condition.

Hair Loss Cure for MPHL?

Well, fret not. It is 2017, and in our modern day and age, no one should have to suffer the humiliation of not having luscious hair. So how to stop hair loss in 2017? Here are some proven hair loss remedies and hair loss cure that are available for you:

How to Stop Hair Loss with Rogaine (Minoxidil)

Rogaine works by widening your hair follicles, causing your hair follicles to appear thicker. It also works by prolonging the growth phase of your hair, known as anagen, causing you to have more strands of hair that grow longer. Though Rogaine is not controlled and you can readily purchase it at the nearest pharmacy near you. It is highly recommended that you consult a medical professional for advice before purchasing it. This is because Rogaine is available in different concentrations and might cause allergic reactions.

It is worth noting that 3-6 months of Rogaine application is required before noticeable hair growth can be observed. Any hair growth that occurs during the application of Rogaine should be expected to fall off if Rogaine is discontinued. Although not really a hair loss cure per SE, this is considered one of the more effective hair loss remedies for MPHL.

Rogaine is available both as a foam and a solution.

Hair Loss Remedies – Propecia (Finasteride)

Another popular MPHL hair loss cure strategy is Finasteride. Finasteride deals with the root(pun intended) cause of androgenetic alopecia. You see, the reason why men lose their hair is due to this pesky hormone called dihydrotestosterone(DHT). When you have too much of DHT, you experience hair loss. DHT forms by an enzyme converting testosterone into DHT. By introducing our superhero Finasteride into your body, this drug inhibits the enzyme, preventing it from converting testosterone into DHT. Thus, after a few months of beginning treatment, you will begin to notice hair growth! This is one of the most effective hair loss remedies around but there are risks.

Consumption of Finasteride can lead to side effects such as sexual dysfunction or increased risk of prostate cancer. In order for you to evaluate the risks appropriately, seek professional medical opinion before asking for the medication.

Propecia is available in pill form.

How to Stop Hair Loss – Conclusion

If you are really keen to find out how to stop hair loss to MPHL, it might be wise to seek consultation with a hair treatment specialist. Although drugs can help to arrest the rapid hair loss and keep it under control. Growing back your hair and keeping it luscious like it was may require different hair loss remedies.

before & after hair restoration

men natural hair restoration @Follicle

Drugs also come up side effects so it might not be a good idea to rely on them as your main choice of hair loss cure. If you are more interested in more natural, non-drug related treatments, you can check out as they have a proven track record in hair loss remedies that are medically acclaimed. They can probably provide appropriate advice on how to stop hair loss after your treatment too. Of course right? Who wants it to happen again?

How to Stop Hair Loss (Male Pattern Hair Loss)
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Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore for Female Hair Loss Pattern

How to Prevent Hair Loss (Female Pattern)

Ah, Female pattern hair loss(FPHL). If Male pattern hair loss (MPHL) would be the bank robber, running into danger guns blazing, FPHL would be the online hacker, choosing a more discrete way of doing morally dubious acts. FPHL is unfortunately not well understood.

For MPHL, dihydrotestosterone(DHT) has been identified as the main culprit. Scientists are therefore able to treat MPHL, by inhibiting the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. However, women who have normal levels of DHT have been found to be suffering from pattern hair loss(PHL)! But how to prevent hair loss against FPHL then? This bizarre occurrence necessarily requires us to classify Male and Female pattern hair loss differently.

Different types of hair loss treatment is thus required.

different types of female hair loss

Quite simple, hair loss treatment in Singapore for MPHL and FPHL can differ quite abit. It is worth mentioning that while some of those suffering from FPHL have normal levels of DHT, if you have high levels of DHT, it is almost guaranteed that you will suffer from FPHL.

Despite this odd occurrence, it in no way means that we are not absolutely clueless. Leading research has shown that genetics play a huge role in FPHL. If your parents have PHL, it is unfortunately likely that you too will suffer from it. Want to know how to prevent hair loss from FPHL? Read on.

How to Prevent FPHL Hair Loss Symptoms?

Some symptoms of FPHL include:
– Gradual hair loss over the crown(distinct from MPHL where hair loss is over the frontal hairline!)
– Possible Bitemporal recession, but to a lesser extent than men

Female Hair Loss progress graph

FPHL can result in extremely distressing psychological situations for females! The bad news is that you can’t prevent this from happening. As of now, scientists are still unsure of how to prevent hair loss against FPHL once it starts. This is why it is vital that we treat the condition as soon as possible.

Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore for FPHL

Hair loss treatment options in Singapore for FPHL are similar to those for MPHL, but with vital differences:

#1 Hair Loss Treatment for FPHL: Rogaine(Minoxidil)

Rogaine is a common and popular form of hair loss treatment drug in Singapore. Rogaine prolongs the growth phase of your hair, known as anagen, resulting in you having more strands of hair that grow longer as well. It is available in pharmacies, but it is highly recommended that you visit a medical professional before starting treatment. This is because Rogaine can result in unwanted hair growth, specifically facial hair, especially if the solution drips down onto your face when it is applied topically on your scalp. You may also be unaware of the progression of how your scalp would react to Rogaine(it is normal to lose more hair before growing new hair). Do take note that Rogaine for men contains 5% Minoxidil whereas Rogaine for women contains 2% Minoxidil. Women are also likely to experience lightheadedness and dizziness from the medication.

Rogaine is available both as a foam and a solution.

Female Hair Loss examples

#2 Hair Loss Treatment for FPHL: Propecia(Finasteride)

Another common hair loss treatment drug in Singapore. Note that pregnant women should not take Finasteride unless specified by a medical professional. Though there are certain studies that show promising results for Finasteride, it is well known and documented that pregnant women who consume Finasteride are prone to having their male fetuses experience birth defects in their sexual organs due to DHT inhibition. It can be said that women who are infertile can take Finasteride, but there are other dangers such as hormonal changes. It is wise to err on the safe side – consult a doctor.

#3 Hair Loss Treatment for FPHL: Spironolactone

As a hair loss treatment medicine, Spironolactone functions similarly to Finasteride(both work by blocking male hormones to prevent hair loss). However, Spironolactone is noticeably safer for women, but still should not be consumed during pregnancy. This drug is often prescribed off-label(meaning not officially approved) in treating FPHL by physicians. However, consumption of Spironolactone often requires frequent blood tests – Potassium levels and kidney function might be changed due to the drug.

How to prevent hair loss from FPHL?

Many often ask “how to prevent hair loss from FPHL?”. It is unfortunate that modern day medicine has not found conclusive, efficacious and safe pharmaceutical treatment options for women who are experiencing FPHL.  However, there are other options. Hair transplants are an option – albeit an expensive one. Despite so, it is still a good idea to seek professional consultation before attempting any hair loss treatment in Singapore for FPHL.

Follicle Hair is an affordable option with rave reviews online so you can consider that if you need a reliable name. Alternatively, googling around should also get you various specialist salons that might help in solving your problem. Make sure you ask them for professional solutions on how to prevent hair loss from further FPHL even when you are cured. You don’t want another episode right?

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Nose Thread Lift: The Basics

Looking for a way to enhance your nose without going under the knife? The answer is a nose thread lift! When choosing a nose enhancing procedure, it is important to have an idea of how you want your nose to turn out and always keep that image in mind. There is a wide variety of procedures in existence and each of them serve a different purpose. Thread lifts in particular are a procedure becoming increasingly popular, especially among the Asian community. This can be attributed to the fact that it provides more definition without looking overdone. The benefits of a thread lift include creating a more defined and higher nose bridge, lifting the nose tip, straightening the nose bridge and reducing the size of the nose tip.

nose thread lift

Those are effects some other enhancing procedures like nose fillers or rhinoplasty would not be able to achieve. For example, nose fillers are good for certain effects like giving the nose a little more height or smoothing out the uneven parts of a nose. On the other hand, rhinoplasty is a procedure known to restore the original form of the nose through resolving any birth defects or hindrance to one’s breathing. These two procedures are among the many that are invasive by nature. Such procedures take more time to be done and require a much longer recovery period.

It is important to understand that while a nose thread lift helps to enhance the look of your nose, it is on a different level from corrective surgery like the aforementioned procedures. This means that the nose thread lift is not aimed at “sharpening’ the nose or narrowing your nasal cavities. This procedure is suited for those who are interested in correcting minor flaws like bumps or ridges on their nose. If you are keen to change the appearance of your nose in a more pronounced way, surgery is probably the more practical option for visible results.

Nose thread lift – The Procedure
To get the job done, threads commonly known as polydixanone (PDO) threads are used. Over time, these threads are fully absorbed by the body and generate new collagen as well as fibroblasts, which tighten the skin and result in a more defined and contoured nose. The process is generally painless, due to the application of numbing cream or local anaesthesia, and very quick; only one session is required and it can be completed under 20 minutes.

This is how the process will take place:

  1. The area for the thread lift is marked.
  2. Numbing cream or anaesthesia is applied
  3. An injection is administered in preparation for the thread lift
  4. The PDO threads are placed horizontally into the bridge and vertically into the tip of your nose.

nose thread lift before and after

Be sure to do your research or discuss the procedure with your practitioner as the threads used have a large impact on the results you will achieve. Short and thin threads may not have any effect on your nose, which just means you’ve wasted both your time and money, or too thick threads may leave a scar on your nose. The right threads would have the correct type of ridge or cog to give the best lift. Perhaps you had attempted this procedure before but achieved none of your desired results. There are a few reasons that could have happened. The first being that the wrong number of threads were inserted, the second being that the wrong threads were used and the third being that the wrong technique was used. In order to achieve the lift, the correct threads with the right thickness must be used, or else the skin would just become firmer. If all these checkboxes are not met, the procedure would just cause firmer skin and not give you the desired lifting effect.

This process can be used by anyone; both men and women alike. The only difference would be that men require more threads than a woman as they are naturally larger. For more defined results, like a sharper nose and smaller nose tip, it is recommended to combine the thread lift procedure with a nose filler.

What results to expect from a nose thread lift?
The results of a good nose thread lift can last between 1 and 2 years, and are semi-permanent. This is due to the collagen that was created within the skin and how it tightened the skin over time. A repeat treatment is encouraged between the first 6 to 12 months so as to achieve the best results. There are almost no side effects, which means downtime is not necessary and you would be able to return to your regular routine. Unlike a nose filler, there will be no broadening of the nose and the risk of lumps forming is minute. The most that could happen is possible discomfort but that should go away in a day or two. Additionally, is important to not apply any facial products within the first 3 hours’ post-procedure as you may run the risk of an infection.

Nose Thread Lift: The Basics
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Dissolvable Thread Lift: What is it?

Pain is the first thing that comes to mind when the phrase ‘going under the knife’ is mentioned. But no one likes pain, it’s definitely not enjoyable. If only there was a way to getting firmer skin without the agony and long recovery time that followed. Lucky for you, there is! The simple solution is a non-surgical dissolvable thread lift. Overall, standard surgical facelifts give you a very overdone and too drastic look. However, non-surgical thread lifts do the exact opposite.

The procedure lifts the sagging skin naturally, without pain or leaving behind scars*. This method is able to take 10 years off your face and give it that V shape from your youth. * Those are just some reasons why thread lifts are the ideal procedure for those looking for a quick and nearly painless method to getting firmer skin. Noticed that your skin was looking older? You came to the right place for a natural looking lift. Best part is that both men and women are able to undergo this procedure.

dissolvable thread lift

With all those great things being said, it is of utmost importance that you do your own research or discuss the procedure with your practitioner prior to actually doing it. There certainly is a large variety of dissolvable thread lift out there and each of them serve a specific purpose to adjust or correct a particular area of the face. Thus, it is imperative that you keep your desired outcome at the front of your mind when choosing which procedure you would like to have done.

If you are unsure or the internet does not convince you, you should schedule a consultation session with any practitioner and get their expert advice on which procedure is ideal to achieve your desired outcome.

How does it happen?
Over the years, it is natural that our faces get rounder and older. This is due to the weakening of our facial support structure. This structure is made of connective tissues found in our skin. These tissues become thinner and we also lose fat in places like our cheeks and neck. The elastic fibres in our skin breakdown and cause our face to lose elasticity and some face shaping supports. All these factors combined cause our face to wrinkle and droop.

dissolvable thread lift

A  dissolvable thread lift is ideal for people who may have experienced cheek or brow ptosis caused by their weakened face muscles. This is a common occurrence among the younger folk, but that does not mean it won’t happen to the older ones. A thread lift is also a great alternative to other procedures that are more invasive and painful. Many people want the effects of a facelift but either can’t afford it or don’t want to spend weeks on end away from their routine while recovering. The great thing about dissolvable thread lifts is that it’s a lot less costly, can be done under an hour and they last between 1 and 2 years. You could absolutely get one done during your lunch break!

However, it is important to note that this is not a form of corrective surgery. This procedure is simply a means of enhancement, it cannot fix any form of trauma or major birth defects. You would require invasive surgery for more major fixes.

Threads used.
In the procedure, there are two general categories of threads used and they are barbed and non-barbed. Most of these threads are made using polydioxanone, a material that is dissolvable and commonly used in other surgical treatments. Here are examples of barbed threads:

  1. Unidirectional barbed threads. These are fixed higher on your face.
  2. Cog threads. These threads have been modified to include barbs along them to imitate cogs and the way they lift a facial area that has been relaxed. The barbs on the thread open to form a support structure that lifts the sagging tissue under the skin. This structure creates tension on the thread thus effectively lifting the skin tissue.

These are examples of non-barbed threads:

  1. Bidirectional threads. These are inserted into a hollow needle, have no fixation points and are placed strategically so that it will not move either way.
  2. Mono threads. These are short and simple threads without barbs. Many of them are placed in a net-like style to help tighten the general face area. These threads are good as they reduce wrinkles due to collagen forming around them a month after the procedure. These threads are commonly used to complement other thread procedures.

dissolvable thread lift before and after

Dissolvable Thread Lift – Downtime
The equation goes like this: the more invasive the surgery, the more trauma is caused to the skin and more recovery time is needed. Due to the less invasive and dissolvable nature of this procedure, there is generally a lot less swelling on the face and many people have reported being able to return to normal almost instantly.

Dissolvable Thread Lift: What is it?
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Meso Scalp Remedy Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatment by doctors

hair loss treatment

A signature service at Follicle Singapore.

Most of the hair loss treatment centres in Singapore are run by beauticians and might not truly be backed by science and certified by doctors. I found out about Follicle because it was the only one that treats hair loss according to doctor prescriptions.

Meso Scalp Remedy is one of their signature medical-based treatments

It is designed by board-certified doctors for hair thinning and hair loss in Singapore. This hair loss treatment uses stem cell growth factors, laser light LED therapy and gentle needling to reboot the scalp and detox the hair.

Figure 1 Start with Ampoule selection & Hair Diagnosis at the Follicle Ampoule Bar.

Figure 2 Bio-ionic warming paddle for blood circulation

The treatment starts with relaxing aromatherapy, shoulder massage and a warm galvanic paddle to calm and prepare you for 90mins of bliss. The therapist then begins a scalp cleanse to unclog hair follicles, scale away dead cells and filter away chemical residues from hair styling products. using a Bio-Ionic paddle, followed by application of hair growth factors, essential nutrients and ends with medical-grade laser light therapy.

Figure 3 Anion Shampoo Bubbly Wash

Next comes the Anion Shampoo Bubbly Wash. Essentially a shampoo wash with thousands of micro-bubbles, the tiny vibrations help to release scalp tension and enhance blood flow.

The next stage uses cutting edge technology called mesotherapy

Mesotherapy includes essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and co-enzymes are superficially needled into the scalp. This delivery system is painless, safe and effective – in fact, it is one of the most progressive techniques used to combat or prevent hair loss in women, even for preventive measures, to boost hair growth. Out of the topic, you can read more about male hair loss pattern.

Figure 4 Laser LED Light for Scalp Sanitization

The treatment ends with a laser LED light to sanitize the scalp and finally a mist bath to seal in the nutritive goodness of the mesotherapy.

To end, the treatment includes a final hair cleanse and professional hair styling at Follicle Salon. After this luxurious hair detox, you will find your hair bouncy, ultra soft and satin smooth. You’ll leave revitalized and feel like a queen!

Before and After Hair Loss Treatment:

Before: dead cells surround each follicle and presence of unhealthy white hair.





Figure 5 After 1 month: clean scalp with new baby hairs growing out of each follicle.





Figure 6 After 2 months: scalp remains clean with even more new baby hairs sprouting.

Figure 7 Leave looking glamourous for professional hair styling.

Meso Scalp Remedy: 90mins, $350

Follicle Hair

391 Orchard Road #08-03 Tower B Ngee Ann City Singapore 238874

T: 6235 8088

Meso Scalp Remedy Hair Loss Treatment
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Face Slimming in Singapore

For those who know me well enough, you’d know that I’m a self-proclaimed foodie. I love delicious food! That might also explain my occasional acne outbreaks (thankfully, nothing that modern technology cannot solve!).

need to slim down my face!

(the yummy salted egg yolk onion rings I just had!)

However, this also makes it important for me to find out how to slim my face. It’s good but every now and then, when I need to slim down my face for an event, I will start pulling out all my most effective face slimming secrets.

Face Slimming in Singapore

face slimming

(My trip to Tokyo)

As mentioned in my previous post about the acne  and acne scar removal treatment, I wanted to find out how to slim my face down. Upon further research, I found out that there are many face slimming therapies available in Singapore. Most of them are non-invasive and no surgery is required, so that makes me really interested to find out more. Face slimming without surgery or invasive treatments requires much, MUCH less recovery time. That does always sound more tempting.

Hard to Slim Down Face

Slimming a face is tough. Very tough. Exercise and diet cannot slim the face unless you lose fat throughout your whole body. This sounds good but is not usually very practical. Girls can end up looking too scrawny and unhealthy. The amazing thing about treatments is they can target fat loss on the face directly.

It’s not surprising but I chose to see what else Cambridge had to offer since I was very satisfied with the previous treatment I did for my acne scar removal. I’m generally quite impressed that they use very modern medical-grade technology to reduce the need to perform invasive surgery.

And they didn’t disappoint me after all! I found not one but THREE ways to slim down my face without needing to go through surgery! However, the ones that caught my eye the most was the EnerGRF Face Slimming and the Double Chin Reduction.

Targeted face slimming without pain and downtime! Sign me up now! I’d definitely be giving these a shot. It’s important for a girl to know how to slim her face so she can continue eating yummy food (moderately of course :)).

But for now, time for more beauty sleuthing. Stay tuned for more recommendations from me. <3

Face Slimming in Singapore
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Dadbod – Is this Really a Thing?


It seems that some men have evolved – or devolved – to lose sight of trying to keep their bodies in shape, instead option for a bit of extra “cushion”.

You might have seen this trend in the past year, with celebrities coming out in celebration of what is being termed as “dadbod”. The term refers to a flabbier, more relaxed view on the physique as exhibited by Seth Rogen and Jason Segal. As long as women are accepting of this, men will continue to embrace it.

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Dadbod – Is this Really a Thing?
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Stubborn Tummy Fat

tummy fat

Picture this: you have been working hard for weeks on your new diet and exercise regimen, and you are really starting to see the resulting from all of your hard work. You are again fitting into you old jeans and shopping for clothes in a smaller size, having the time of your life! Family and friends are commenting on your results and going on and on about how great you look, and it feels wonderful! There’s just one thing, and your clothes have done a great job hiding it – but you still can’t shed that tummy fat!

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Stubborn Tummy Fat
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Treating Acne with Birth Control

acne treatments

Acne is no easy condition. It can lead to social isolation, permanent skin scarring and even anxiety in severe cases.

One of the most effective forms of acne treatments is birth control pills. Dermatologists have been using it for decades to help women achieve healthier, clearer skin. Despite this, only three specific birth control pills have been FDA approved to treat acne.

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Treating Acne with Birth Control
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