3 Reasons for Developing Belly Fat

developing belly fat

Belly fat is a common problem, for both men and women. You seem to be able to get rid of it everywhere else, but can’t get rid of it from around your waist. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are various reasons why you develop belly fat. Here are the top three main reasons for it.

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Treating Adult Acne

adult acne

Does acne behave differently as we age?

Most people will deal with acne at one point or another during their lifetime. Whether it’s in the awkward teenage years, or later on as an adult there is typically no escape from this common skin condition.

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Exercises to shed belly fat

shed belly fat

Whether it was a few pounds over the summer or still carrying that extra bit of weight from Christmas, nobody is ever completely happy with their appearance. If you, like many suffer with the curse of unwanted belly fat then you’ve come to the right place. Here are my top exercises to get rid of belly fat.

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Foodie Sharon T


Like the title suggests, I love to EAT. I usually try to eat healthily during the weekdays unless I have dinner appointments, so that I can have an excuse to spoil myself with all the great food over the weekends, TEEHEE! My favourite cuisine has gotta be Japanese, and sea urchin is my undisputed number one!

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What Causes Acne?

cause of acne

Acne is a troubling skin condition, and unfortunately, science has yet to determine it’s exact cause. While stress can irritate acne, it is not the exact cause of it.

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My lovely shiba inus


I have two shiba inus, they are named Shiori and Shogun. Shiori is 4 and Shogun is 3 this year. They are so adorable and without a doubt the love of my life. I even had me and my babies done in a painting by the talented Dreadjim.

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Detox Trip – The Farm @ San Benito

detox trip

I am a big advocate of detox trips due to the stressful and hectic lifestyle in Singapore. My 2 favourite spots are The Farm at San Benito in Philippines and Chiva Som at Hua Hin Thailand. Both locations are literally polar opposites. At Chiva Som you would totally feel like a taitai on a getaway since the entire place is super classy and you pretty much get ferried everywhere on a buggy. I highly recommend couples who are seeking for a retreat to check out Chiva Som.

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Acne scar removal at Cambridge

remove acne scars

Recently I had an acne outbreak at my jaw area, most likely due to stress at work and my condition didn’t improve much after applying my usual cream for a few days. Actually this pimple always recurs at the same spot. Since I was sooo desperate, I decided to check out this place called Cambridge Medical that has a renowned acne and acne scar removal treatment. This treatment is known to effectively remove acne scars along with the acne, but more importantly for me now, the acne scar removal is permanent.

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Elle Fashion Week at BKK

elle fashion


Jamie Chua, my business partner, asked me along to attend Elle Fashion Week at Bangkok. My first ever overseas fashion week! I was so excited even though I felt super tired upon arriving at the land of the smiles via a morning flight. Jamie’s boyfriend Terence would join her two nights later, and we were ready for what were installed for us.

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