Hello dear friends, right now you are on the Missy Sharon T`s blog and you are about to read about everything wonderful in my life, everything that inspired and makes me happy. But in addition to these, I am also here to be honest. So, sometimes, topics would be sad and miserable, but this is the life goes, right? Unfortunately, we are not all happy, rich and…beautiful! And it takes personal inside motivation to become happy with your own life, a lot of work to become rich and only few tips to get beautiful.

I am here to help you out with the third thing: to discover beauty for your own sake, because believe me, I know how badly it could be to live with that low and poor self-confidence and to think people would ever look at me with a smile. But all of these is in past for me! I am not rich, but I can definitely say that I am happy and beauty is finally found by me. I found beauty, I found out how to work for it. And what is richness in comparison to a happy beautiful girl? Of course, nothing!